Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Summer Food Service Program?

SFSP is a federally‐funded program administered through State agencies to provide free, nutritious meals to low‐income children 18 years old and younger. The program operates when school is not in session.

What is a feeding site?

A feeding site is a location where children can come together to receive meals. Meals are required to be eaten onsite. Common feeding site facilities include schools, activity centers, churches, parks, etc.

Where are feeding sites located?

To find feeding sites in your area click here.

Who is eligible to receive a meal at a feeding site?

Children up to 18 years of age are eligible to receive meals free of charge.

What type of meals is served at a feeding site?

Meals served following the National School Lunch Program meal pattern. The meal pattern includes milk, fruits and vegetables, meat or meat alternative and whole grains.